donderdag 7 augustus 2008

Starting up a new blog

Hello to all creative people! This is a new blog where I hope to tell you about the things I create and make.

I am busy starting up an Etsy shop that will have the same name as this blog. Trough this blog and my Etsy shop I hope to meet other creative bloggers and make some friends with simular interests.
All my life I have been creating. I had good examples at our house. My mother is a fabulous seamstres and my father could make everything he saw. He also dabbled in oils and watercolor painting. So from early on in my live I was no stranger to creative things.
From my earliest childhood I made things. It started with cutting up hankerchiefs to make dolls clothes! Following on to making ragdolls. When I got married I soon became mother to two children and the next creative stream emerged from having them. I started making some things for my childrens like pillows and toys and clothing. After a while, I was a stay at home mom, I started making quilts. The children are now 34 and 31 and I am still making quilts.
I have a huge stash of fabric in the house so now I am planning to use part of that to make other things than quilts. There will be always quilts in the house but I will never have enough lives to finish all the fabric that I have collected.

To give you an idea how much fabric I have....This is only part of my fabric stash! There are some 12 drawers full of fabric too!!!As you can she even this amount I will never finish in my lifetime. So maybe I will also start selling up a bit of that too! The house is bursting out of its seams!!!

On the top of this page you see the quilt that is an impression of my front garden. I love blue flowers so my blogname comes from that and....from a little Maine Coon cat that I have.
Apart from teaching patchwork and quilting for 25 years I also run a little Maine Coon cattery.

One od my other big interests is cooking. So from time to time you will find some recepies here too since I think that cooking is a highly creative proces.
This is my first introduction to you all. Hope to meet other creative souls so leave me a little message!