maandag 29 september 2008

Etsy shop online!

I finally opened the Etsy shop. Go to sellers and surch for" BlumaBlue" and you will find me. The url does not work for the moment.

There are only a few items for sale for the moment like my Prissy and my Poppy doll and one of the T shirts but I plan to put more items in as soon as I got the time.

On top you see my Poppy doll. It is 26 cm / 11 ¨ high and is made of new cotton and felt and stuffed with new polyester filler. In her tummy she has a little plastic squaker.

This is Prissy. She is 12¨ / 30cm high. I love her sweet face and her "rasta" like curls.
She also is made of new cotton fabric and felt and also has new polyester stuffing and a squaker in her tummy.
Hope you like them too.

I aim to put not only dolls in the shop but also some small quilted items like pillow covers and small quilts and also some vintage items.

2 opmerkingen:

LiLi M. zei

Van hieruit nogmaals succes. Ik kan je niet gevonden krijgen ook niet onder 'sellers', even in de gaten houden hoor!

Maria Berg zei

How is the shop going? MB