zondag 7 september 2008

Still not online

September has come and that means starting a new year of teaching patchwork and quilting. One week out of two is devoted to that. The problem with that is that I need to put all the items that I am working on for the Etsy shop away in my guestroom. The next week everything move downstairs again.... I should work in the guest bedroom but I like to work in the living room...because the laptop is in the guest room and I get destracted by it. I spend far to much time online.

The Etsy shop is still not online because I needed to get a new emailadress if I wanted the shop under the BlumaBlue name. I am not a crack on the computer so that took a while. Then another problem put his head up. I ordered some labels to put on my items but the colors came out all muddy so I could not use them. A new design for the banner and labels was bougth and hopefully these designs will produce nice fresh labels and cards. On top of the page you can see the new banner.

In the mean time I try to work hard on making the items for the shop.
I give you a small preview of what I am working on.

Little baby T-shirts with vintage pictures adorned with lace and ribbons.

Lunch or wash bags in a nice quality oilcloth on the outside and fully lined with a beautiful cotton fabric.

I hope you like them! Next time some more items I am working on. See you!

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LiLi M. zei

Hallo Nicky! Ik vind je labels prachtig! Goed werk! Als een soort aanmoedigingspremie heb ik deze blog een award toegekend en niet zo maar 1tje! Come and get it at my blog! Ik wens je nogmaals heel veel succes toe hier!